This blog is updated by two people: Leandro Marini, founder and Head of Imaging of Local Hero Post, and Andrew Wahlquist, Chief Technologist.

Leandro is a 13 year veteran of digital post production, with extensive experience in digital cinema.  He cut his teeth in DI doing 4K imax films before there was such a thing as a 4K DI.   He founded Local Hero to help filmmakers navigate the exciting, sometimes scary, waters of finishing their films digitally.  Based in Santa Monica, CA, he wears many hats depending on the project, including DI Producer, Colorist, VFX Supervisor, and therapist.

More importantly, Leo describes himself as a filmmaker, film lover, and devoted advocate of the digital cinema revolution and anything that makes films easier to make or gives filmmakers more tools and more creative freedom.

Andrew also comes from a filmmaking background, often finding himself in the position as "the guy who solves technical challenges."  He's been a writer, director, producer, editor, motion graphics artist, multimedia director, a development assistant for film producers, and even a substitute teacher.  He began his career in places like Phoenix Pictures and Mandate Pictures, and most recently was the Producer of Marketing Multimedia at the Los Angeles Times.  Local Hero has a special place in his heart, as he was there helping with tech challenges and coloring films from the very beginning when the company first opened its doors in a one-room shop on Santa Monica Blvd.  Coming back to join the company has been on his to-do list for several years.